What would make a casino rank?

Hello, my name is Michael Rayson and I have been gambling since I was 12 in 1964. Growing up in Vegas has definitely been a benefit and added to my experience as the gambling culture and casinos always played a large part in my life. I started working at the casinos at age 17, and playing cards in the back rooms of danky clubs. All I am saying is, when it comes to gambling, I have experience.

Now you may be thinking, but what does that have to do with gambling sites? And you're right. Gambling at a land casino and working at one is definitely not the same as gambling online. Also, you might be wondering why I even started gambling online, or how I am gambling online from the US!

  1. Online Casinos have way lower house advantage and way higher payout percentages because they do not have to pay for overhead costs! So It is beneficial for any gambler to play online.
  2. I moved to England 5 years ago to be closer to my grandchildren, so I do not gamble online from the US. I stick to the best UK online casinos.
  3. For those reading this that are from the US, there are a limited amount of casinos still accepting players. Do your research.

Now for what I think an online casino needs in order to be ranked:

  1. It needs to be regulated by bodies. It needs to have a license by some governing body, and it needs to be approved by an external auditing organization. Examples are Interactive Gaming Labs (IGL) like SKL or Technical Systems Testing (TST) and the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) organizations. This means that the casino is held accountable by someone so that it will not take advantage of its players and it is regularly audited in its technology so that it keeps up with the strict standards of the gaming industry in terms of fairness and accuracy in its games.
  2. It needs to have an awesome game selection. Make sure your casino has the game you like. I prefer casinos that hold tournaments regularly because I like the more interactive playing and the bigger prizes. Also, some casinos have the option to play with live dealers, and 888 Casino even provides players with 3D glasses to make the experience more realistic, which is awesome. Try finding a casino that has the graphics quality you're looking for, the game selection you're looking for, and the gaming situations you are interested in playing. Some casinos stick to the classics while others have unique versions of classic games in their variety.
  3. Check out what software the casino is using. If you want a casino that can be played from anywhere, make sure the casino of your choice has a flash-based version. Also, casinos are now utilizing smartphone technology, so if you own a smartphone, try finding one of the mobile casinos.
  4. Make sure the bonuses are worth your time. Some casinos offer incredible bonuses. Some casinos are part of a family company, for example, Microgaming that has over 60 casinos, who are all linked, creating even more opportunity for bonuses and prizes. Some Microgaming casinos will let you collect points at several of the casinos, meaning you can take advantage of each casino's bonus and gather as many points as you can in order to climb the VIP Program Loyalty Ladder and get even better promotions and prizes. You should also check our Mr Green that holds unique, weekly lotteries so that every individual can be a winner every single week. Some casinos have daily happy house, or weekly events, or monthly promotions. Make sure you're getting the best deal around. Some casinos also give you free spins before you even register!

Those are the notes I look for when I am ranking a casino, and I recommend you do your research before officially registering for one (or two or three). Make sure that all of these points are covered when you look into a casino, go into Google to read some reviews, and check out the auditing websites to ensure the safety of the casino of your choice. Check out some of my reviews of the casinos I enjoy visiting as well. Maybe that can help you out.